I have learned early in my career that one must always bring some fun to a photo shoot. It keeps the mood light hearted and helps everyone stay motivated. I always enjoy jumping up on set and making some off the cuff images like this one at Urban Outfitters

Last night I was able to get a behind the scenes look at a brand new, not even opened, restaurant La Peg. My very good friend Nich Bazik, who just won the Zagats 30 under 30, is the chef de cuisine of La Peg. It is opening very soon at the Fringe Arts building on Race and Columbus. I can not wait to see the finished restaurant.

Two of my very good  friends, Scott and Karl, asked if I would take head shots for them. We had such a great time shooting that I had to share these fun out takes.

Scuba made the cut. His big break has finally come! Urban Outfitters is selling more dog beds and bandanas.

Alex DaCorte and I shot these hands for a project he was working on. But the stand alone images are just so great that I needed to share them. 

Affinity baking is a new company that specializes in cupcakes! They have many wonderful flavor combinations. Some come and go with the seasons but the classics stick around all year long. The best part about Affinity’s cupcakes are the size. They are large enough to be enjoyed in two bites yet small enough for the more indulgent one big mouth full of goodness.

I couldn’t help myself, while shooting products for Kroll Technologies,LLC, I felt compelled to organize the parts from my smallest photo shoot ever. 

I do not consider myself a wedding photographer; however, when a good friend of mine asked me to shoot his wedding I was honored to capture their special day.

As is wet hoagie, was a show by Alex DaCorte and Borna Sammak. I helped Alex photograph this image for the shows post card. It turned into one of my favorite images I have ever worked on with DaCorte. Alex has such a clairvoyance when it comes to imagery. It is always exciting going into his studio to see what the next project will be.

Earlier last year, I shot Cubacan for New Jersey Monthly. It’s a great Cuban restaurant in Asbury Park, New Jersey right on the local boardwalk. After Super Storm Sandy in 2012, they were able to rebuild quickly so that they could be up and running for the summer season. I was there a few weeks after they completed the repairs and the restaurant was in full swing. Their menu was delicious and it had a great atmosphere to match it.